Membership Agreement

You are hereby offered enrollment on the panel of Advocates of Lawyers of Pakistan to represent the clients before the Civil Courts, High Court, or any other such legal forum/ tribunal/ Arbitrator etc. on the following terms and conditions:

  • The professional fee will be paid to you on case to case basis as per approved by the Lawyers of Pakistan.
  • No extra fee shall be permissible for filing/defending miscellaneous applications during the pendency or after disposal of cases in the same court and you will be bound to give opinion as and when required by client in the cases entrusted to you.
  • Moreover, no extra fee will also be payable to defend the case restored after dismissal on account of non-prosecution/un- attendance or withdrawn with permission to file afresh.
  • You will inform client at least days before the date of hearing in the case and will ensure preparation of witnesses/ evidence in your chamber. Your engagement in the case will be liable to termination at any time without assigning any reason.
  • You will immediately apply for certified copies of the judgment and the order relevant record on decision of the case and convey to client with advice/ legal opinion for further course of action immediately for necessary action within limitation period.
  • You will not compromise the matter entrusted to you or allow a consent order to be made unless so authorized by the client in writings.
  • You will be responsible to prepare the evidence/ witnesses and attend the courts and defend referred client
  • You must ensure that the case is not decided ex-parte against referred client.
  • You will convey the progress of assigned case on each and all dates of hearing via what's app
  • In case of ex-parte decision due to our absence from court, Lawyers of Pakistan reserved the right to take-up the case with Bar Council for appropriate action and
  • You will not act as defense counsel of the parties proceeding against referred case.
  • You must have to deposit security Fee of RS:2200 in treasury of Lawyers of Pakistan in which is refundable upon termination of agreement.

By using our website, you agree to our Terms and Conditions. Thank you.

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