LOCUS STANDI – citations

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2019 SCMR 1952 Arts. 184(3)—Constitutional jurisdiction under Art. 184(3) of the Constitution— Writ of quo warranto—locus standi /”aggrieved person”—For issuance of a writ of quo warranto, person/petitioner laying information before Court need not be an aggrieved person. 2016 SCMR 1403 Inheritance mutation—Estoppel and abandonment of claim—Where any heir, who was directly affected by a wrongfully ….  Continue Reading

2016 SCMR 1225

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2016 SCMR 1225PLD 1990 SC 1Land Mark Judgement of SCSupreme Court observed that “in our male dominated society where the female legal heirs, like sisters and mothers, were consistently deprived even of their ‘sharai’ shares in inheritance matters, the principle of caution in protecting the legitimate rights of the illiterate/rustic village lady, must be applied ….  Continue Reading

Guidelines in Conducting Identification Parade

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PLJ 2019 SC (Cr.C.) 153 Guidelines in Conducting Identification Parade–—-The necessary guidelines are available in form of executive instructions and judicial pronouncements:-(a) An identification parade, to inspire confidence, must be held at earliest possible opportunity after occurrence;(b) A test identification, where possibility of witness having seen accused persons after their arrest cannot be ruled out, ….  Continue Reading

پیرا گراف نمبر 66 پرویز مشرف کی سزا میں کیوں شامل کیا گیا؟

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پیرا گراف نمبر 66 کہتا ہے کہ اگرجنرل پرویز مشرف کی وفات ہو جائے تو میت کوڈی چوک لایا جائے اور تین دن لٹکائے رکھا جائے یہ بات سچ ہے کہ ایسی نظیر پاکستان کے قانون میں نہیں ملتی ہے لیکن اگر ہم 358 سال پہلے کی تاریخ کھولیں تو انگلینڈ میں ہمیں یہ مثال ….  Continue Reading